Mad Penguin, Aberdeen

A few weeks ago, a new ice cream shop opened in Aberdeen called Mad Penguin.

Despite it feeling like the middle of our Aberdeen winter, I had to go (twice in one day) because I had seen the variety of vegan options they had in their freezers on their Facebook page.

I haven’t had chocolate ice cream in six months, and quite frankly I was dying on it.

(ft. Megan Wiseman)


There is no other ice cream shop in Aberdeen which has such a variety of flavours on offer for those who don’t have dairy in their diets.

Soooo… I had all three soy base flavours in a big pot.

Soy Peanut butter (yum)

Soy Chocolate (love of my life)

Soy Banana (bloody yum)


(Left to Right, Soy Banana, Soy Peanut Butter, Soy Chocolate Gelato
Pineapple Sorbet, Watermelon Sorbet, Lemon Sorbet, Watermelon and Pineapple Sorbet & Pear and Star Anise Sorbet.)

I went back in the evening and had a pot of the watermelon sorbet (which according to their Facebook is a nightmare to make) but it tastes amazing. So please don’t stop making it!
All of the ice cream is made fresh in the store too, which is something you don’t get if you opt for a big chain store instead.

All of the soy ice creams and sorbets taste incredible and you can really taste the quality and freshness of the ingredients in every scoop.

To top it off, the prices are so fair for the quality you are getting. 3 scoops/flavours for £5.
The big chain ice cream shop in Aberdeen is much more expensive, full of artificial colours and sugars, and you know that it is no where near as fresh as what you are getting in Mad Penguin.

I was freezing afterwards though, so had to get a pot of tea (nom).


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