Why I Went Vegan…

Let’s face it, I like talking about why I went vegan.

So I have composed a not too preachy blog post about why I chose to make the transition to a vegan lifestyle.

why - feel like a princess


I went vegan for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I was a vegetarian for a number of years as a teenager when I first exposed myself to the cruelty that goes on in the meat industry. If you’d want something to convince you, I’d have a look on the peta website and watch the videos that show you what truly happens. It’s not something that I’d recommend, and I don’t torture myself by watching things like that anymore.

The transition from vegetarian to vegan wasn’t actually very difficult at all.

Second, I really love animals. I didn’t want to be one of those people who said they really loved animals but then didn’t do anything about it. I love dogs, but my favourite animals have always been cows. (Bizarre I know, but that’s a conversation for another day.)

Third, the environment. Global warming is a huge blooming issue, and the meat industry is one of the biggest contributors to the problem. The amount of water, grain, and land that is used/destroyed to produce animals just for meat is disgusting. The meat industry is pumping waste into our oceans and destroying the marine habitats, check it out.

Fourth, world hunger. We produce a ridiculous amount of feed for cows just so we can kill them, when we could be using that grain to feed starving nations. The amount of food we use to feed cows, is 100 times less than the meat we get from it.

Fifth, I’m so much healthier. The health benefits are paramount, if you make sure you’re eating the right things you can seriously nourish your body. I’ve never been healthier!

why i went vegan

Your next question is probably going to be “So what do you eat then?”

 The definitive answer is anything but dairy, eggs & meat.

But no, I eat pretty much the same meals I always have done but I have tweaked them to fit my new diet. Things like curries, pasta, pies, vegan sausages with mash and beans (my fav), stir fry, soup and the list could go on forever.

Also, there are so many treats out there that you probably didn’t even realise were vegan like:

– Oreos, skittles, most crips, hummus, salsa, bourbon cream biscuits (only some brands), peanut butter & jam, bread (most people thing it has dairy in), sorbet, loads of gelatine free sweets too, vegetable samosas and spring rolls from your takeaway too!

I make a lot more food from scratch, and I use much more fresh ingredients now!

I’ve only just got into baking again, so add cake to that too.

It’s not that difficult to eat out either, most restaurants nowadays have either got vegan menus, or they can provide you with an allergy list which clearly points out things that have dairy & eggs in. It’s easy as vegan pie.

why i went vegan

If you’re thinking about adopting a vegan lifestyle, do your research.

I’d recommend watching earthlings, cowspiracy and food inc. too, they are all hard hitting documentaries that can give you a lot more information of the damaging nature of the meat industry than I ever could!

 p.s. I get enough protein (just saying).


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