Aberdeen Christmas Markets & Jagerhaus

On my day off this week, Steven and I decided to spend it with two of our bestest friends, Isla & Monty.

We went to the Aberdeen Christmas Markets, and tried the boys tried Baklava

(and I had curly fries…)
The markets were pretty quiet, but there were some lovely stalls. Most things were out of our price range anyway!
I loved the addition on the christmas tree maze this year, but it is a real shame that it is so expensive! We gave it a miss because of that.

Then the rain came, so we wondered down to Union Square to try the new outdoor bar, Jagerhaus.

It’s so lovely, come equipped with blankets and extremely loud music.

The huts are a great shelter from the rain – surprisingly. It is so cute, and it’s actually just nice to have a new place to go out for a drink in Aberdeen as it can get quite boring and repetitive going to the same places after a while. Despite the music being crazy loud, the atmosphere is really lovely.

You put down a £3 deposit for your plastic tankard which you can keep if you fancy it!

Most of the alcoholic drinks are priced at £4.50, which isn’t too steep for a nice bar in the city, and they have a pretty good variety of christmassy delights like hot apple cider, mulled wine, fruit beers and lager.
Steven and I had a lager, and Isla & Monty had mulled wine!





We later went for a wee trip to Foodstory, as Steven had never been.

I love Foodstory because it’s a vegetarian/vegan cafe/restaurant.

I had my favourite Chilli bowl, and Steven had a burrito.

I was too hungry to take photos this time…. but here’s a photo of me & Steve being adorable.





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