A New Year….

My very belated first blog post of 2017 is finally here.

It still feels odd writing 2017, I feel like a teenager trying to keep my school jotter perfect, but I keep forgetting its a new year. Maybe that’s just because not much feels different right now, but I think that every year. Not much feels different at first, but as I get into the swing of the year I start to think more positively about the change, I think I’m finally at that stage of knowing that change is coming, and change needs to come in order to move forward and get out of my funk.

Despite the horrific political upsets of 2016, I had a great year personally.

Our Cheerleading team went to National Competitions, and got some trophies! 

I was awarded Colours with Distinction for founding the Aberdeen University Cheerleading Squad.

My sissy and her husband got their dream of starting a family! 

I graduated from Aberdeen University with a 2:1 MA (Hons) in English & International Relations. 

I married my best friend in September.

So overall, I had a bloody great year personally and 2016 will always be a year that I cherish, but as we’re in a new year, I thought it would be a good idea to start some realistic resolutions or goals that I could actually achieve this year: 

Goals for 2017

– Blog more consistently.

– Keep a diary/journal, and write more about my general day to day life.

– Stay organised.

– Workout more. I got into such a good habit of exercising in the middle of 2016, I need to get back into that.

– Read 50-75 books and keep a log of everything I’m reading on a page on the blog! 

– Find a job that I love and a new place to live.
– Get rid of negativity, and people who bring negativity into my life. This is an important one, and I’m usually rubbish at sticking to that.

– Make more effort with the positive people in my life, make more plans, go for more coffees, go out for more cocktails and go out for more dinners.

– Improve and work on my digital knowledge. 

Let me know your goals for the year in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you 🙂 


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