Family days out…

When the family comes to visit, we like to get out and about rather than being stuck in the house all weekend. We are forever dragging Steve’s family out to go on annoyingly long walks. It helps that they have the cutest wee pup ever, and if it means we can tire the dog out the walks are even better!


This time we went out to Stonehaven, we walked from the harbour all the way to the bay right beneath Dunnottar Castle. It was beautiful. I guess the photos speak for themselves.


Steven and I go to Stonehaven quite regularly, it is one of our favourite days out near Aberdeen. It’s nice to get out of the city and down by the seaside, it’s good for the mind.

After we walked back to the harbour, we were all starving so we grabbed a bite to eat at The Bay Fish & Chip shop. Steve’s family had never been, so it was an opportunity to take them to one of our favourites, and show them one of the best chip shops…EVER… I’m a vegan, but the family aren’t, so it’s good to take them somewhere that we can find sustainable fishing, and I can still get some vegan friendly chips and beans!

We take so many photos when we are all together, technology these days allows you to document everything and we can keep all of these memories forever, taking photos of our days out is so important to us, so this is a super heavy photo post…

All of our photos are taken on the Samsung S7.













Love, The Graham-Smiths



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