Seeing our all time favourite band…

Back in June, Steven and I booked tickets to see our favourite band, Avenged Sevenfold at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland.

Now, I know they won’t be to everyones taste (and that’s your own silly fault haha), but as a little emo teen, i’m sure you would have come across one or two of their songs!

We have both been huge fans since we were teenagers, and neither of us thought we’d ever get the chance to see them live. Ever. Especially not on tour with Disturbed… another incredible band.

Avenged were one of those things we really bonded over in the early stage of our relationship, when we were figuring each other out and learning new information. It was pretty cool to find someone who loved the band even more than I did, it mean’t that I’d never get sick of the shower songs.

It was a lucky dip on seats and the concert did sell out, so even though we managed to get early release tickets with SSE Rewards, our seats were not as good as we’d hoped!

To be fair though, we were dead centre to the stage, and right at the front of our block, so we weren’t complaining we still felt pretty lucky!

I had seen a banner for an advertisement for a competition run by Clydesdale to get a VIP upgrade, all you had to do was take a selfie, and upload it to instagram or twitter with the hashtag #getmeinthevault. By the time I actually got round to doing it, the first act was on so I figured someone else had won by then and we wouldn’t be in with a chance at all. In the middle of Disturbed, right after The Sound of Silence, I got a twitter notification… it was a tweet from Clydesdale asking me to follow them so that they would send me a message with some good news…


I genuinely couldn’t believe our luck. I am rubbish when it comes to competitions, I never win anything, but then again, Steven and I did look adorable in our matching band tees.

As an act of kindness, we decided to ask the couple next to us if they would like to come. They were huge music fans, and there was more than enough room for the four of us. They were so chuffed, so that made the whole situation even better, we were able to make their night even more memorable.

The staff at the hospitality desk kept telling us that if we didn’t like the seats we could go back to our original seats… and when we arrived asked if the VIP booth was okay for us.

As you can see from the first photo in this post, we were just above the people standing. We couldn’t have got closer seats with a better view!

There was no way I was leaving a comfy sofa, with ample leg room and private bar and private toilets. Nuh-uh no sir-y. We were so much closer, we had so much room, we didn’t feel cramped into seats like sardines, and we had waiter service. WAITER SERVICE… 

We got to see two of the worlds best metal guitarists, live. Avenged were unreal and unforgettable, M Shadows puts on the best show, and his voice is perfect live… absolutely flawless. I can’t believe how talented they actually are. All of them. To top that off, we were able to see Disturbed, with David Draiman who has got to be one of the best frontmen ever, he gives such a sassy performance. You can tell he loves his band, and he loves his music.

We couldn’t have had a better night, it was lovely to be down in Glasgow staying in a nice hotel away from all the stresses of life in Aberdeen. I’ve never felt so lucky.

And to end the night, we went for cocktails in Ashton Lane, Steven wanted to take me to a bar which used to be a cinema – the cinema where his parents went to see Star Wars when they were younger than us, before they were married.

It was perfect! 


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  1. 08/30/2017 / 11:36

    This sounds amazing, well done for winning! 😀
    I would love to see Avenged Sevenfold live, so I might be a little jealous.. 😉

    Zoe | The Rambles of Nuggetstump

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