How I cope with stress…

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I’m not going to lie, a lot of the time I don’t cope with stress. I let it build up, I blow up and I burn out. It’s a never ending cycle, sometimes I can keep it under wrap for months before the burnout comes all over again. Since graduating from university, I have been able to manage my stress and anxiety so much better. I guess you don’t really think about how much stress school, university and everything that comes along with it puts on you until you no longer have to worry about it all, but instead you have the pressures of graduate life and the economic climate we have somehow forced ourselves into…

A lot of these things might seem like its common sense, but hopefully breaking them down and giving you examples of what I do can help you ease the stress.

Here are some of the ways I deal with stressful days…

Take time out for yourself

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This is the most important thing, you can’t clear your head if you don’t give yourself space to do so. If you ever see a photo on my instagram of some beautiful countryside scenery, it’s because I’m on a walk. Walking is my favourite way to clear my mind, it always has been, even as a teen I walked by the river whenever I had a bad day. It works. But you’re probably thinking, I seriously do not want to leave the house when I feel like this… neither did I at first and now it’s my go-to stress reliever.

I run myself a bath, light some candles, make myself a cuppa, pick a book and after that I head up to my bed. My safe haven, nothing can bother me when I’m up in my bed in my own little world. It sets me up for a peaceful night of sleep perfectly. Which is just what I need when I’m in a stressful  headspace.

Talk about it 

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There will be someone who can lend an ear, even if you feel like you don’t want to bother anyone, you’d be surprised how many people will want to listen to you and help in any way they can.

Steve is my go to shoulder to rant on… he is amazing. He listens to every single stress or worry or rant I have, and talks me through it and makes me feel more rational about everything. I am extremely lucky to have him to listen to me, and put up with my irrational mood swings… hahaha.
Go for a tea with a friend, talk things out.

You could even write about it, it’s another form of talking if you don’t have access to someone who you feel you can rant your entire life stresses to. I keep a journal, I usually write about my stress related things in there. It helps to write things out, sometimes I can feel like it puts things into better perspective when I can see it all out in front of me.

Get organised 

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If you have a lot of tasks piling up, work, social stuff, housework, ANYTHING…it’s probably causing most of your stress. When it gets overwhelming, it is best to just start fresh. Get a list of everything that you need to get done, and start prioritising it. This will help you get things done, when you check something off of your list you will feel the biggest sense of achievement. Set yourself a realistic time goal to achieve it by, and when it’s done you can cross it off in a HUGE red marker. It could just be putting a load of washing on, ticking those things off of your to-do list will make you feel so much better. Getting my life in order usually requires some sort of planner, diary, to-do list and a calendar. When I start to plan things out, it helps to calm the stress.

Get some rest  

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When I get stressed, my anxiety kicks in, and I barely sleep. When I do get sleep it’s the worst. I do try to take some steps to make my sleep better, and they are very hit and miss. I get in a perfect state of relaxation. Get my favourite snacks, boil the kettle, put on a film, read a book, get in the bath (basically do all of my favourite things) and relax as much as I possibly can before bed time. If I get into a good head space just before bed, it makes falling asleep much easier. It takes time and practice, but the more you do it the easier it becomes.

love, ysabelle


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