A weekend of eating…

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As we rarely get a weekend off together, we decided we needed to get away from Aberdeen and go adventure somewhere else. We both love visiting Glasgow, and we seem to go all the time, but we never get the chance to stay and see the sights or eat out anywhere new.

We couldn’t wait to get to get away.

Flying Duck

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Steven actually found Flying Duck after a quick google search to find local vegan restaurants, it’s really central and close to the bus station, Sauchiehall Street and Buchanan Galleries and it’s pretty easy to find. It doubles up as a club and super busy bar at night, and is underground so it’s quite dark, so this teamed with the cute vintage/bohemian style furniture creates a nice chilled out atmosphere for lunch or dinner. Everything on their menu is completely vegan and free from animal produce and it was so lovely to be able to choose from a variety of dishes *for once*.

I got the big dawg, which was a Bavarian style bratwurst in a pretzel bread bun with fried onions, ketchup & American mustard, and I got mine with fries because I’m a little piggy.

I was gutted that I somehow missed the vegan mac & cheese, because that is my life, but it means I have an excuse to go back so I can’t complain.

I’ve never had a vegan hot dog before, but this one was divine. I wasn’t so keen on the texture at first because it wasn’t what I was expecting but after two bites I was chomping it down, and Steve (the fussiest eater alive) finished his before I finished mine, which is always a sign of good food.

With student discount, our bill came to just over £15 which is incredibly well priced considering the quality and the amount of food you’re actually getting… I would definitely recommend giving it a try if you’re a vegan in Glasgow, or visiting Glasgow any time soon!

Lucky 7 Canteen

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Lucky 7 is a favourite of ours, we first went there on our tattoo artist’s recommendation about two years ago. At this point, I was still a meat eater, so I had this enormous chicken burger, with a side of onion rings, and because of this I wasn’t sure what to expect this time round.

I love the vibe of Lucky 7, Steve and I always say it’s exactly how we would decorate a bar/restaurant if we ever owned one. The fairy lights, cute booths, perfect red leather sofa in the window and a lack of over powering/overly loud music create a relaxed and comforting atmosphere. It’s really chilled, and the booths have tall backs which make it more private and intimate when you’re eating with your significant other. It’s probably why we keep going back.

Steve got a southern fried chicken burger with sweet potato fries and it was huge. You really do get your money’s worth, the portions are unreal. But of course in natural “we’re on holiday fashion” he demolished it. We were starving, so it was just what we needed.

They had a vegan chilli on, so our lovely waitress explained all the different things I could have: chilli fries, tacos, veggie burger with chilli on, or just chilli and rice. As you can see I went for my home comfort favourite of chilli and rice. The service was amazing, the way that our waitress *sorry I don’t know your name* treated us made it so easy and that I wasn’t an inconvenience or a fussy vegan. The chilli was amazing, and came on a bed of rocket leaves & spinach and a side of tortillas. It was not too hot, and not too mild but it still had a little kick. Again, the portion was unreal, but I ate everything because it was SOOO yummy.

Tantrum Doughnuts

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On Sunday morning we were visiting the Kelvingrove museum as I’d never been, and Steve really wanted to take me to see it. We arrived super early after checking out of our hotel so had a few hours to kill before the museum opened, so we went adventuring… not particularly far though as Tantrum is pretty much across the road from the Kelvingrove Museum. So it isn’t central to Glasgow, but perfect if you’re in the West End of town.

The shop itself is pretty small, with three single tables (two of two seats, and one of four) and a bench of seats against one wall but it is a well utilised space considering the size of it. It’s clean, modern and cosy. It isn’t overly warm, so you can enjoy a tea or coffee without overheating which is so nice in a cosy wee café like this one.

Sadly there were no vegan options 🙁

But I’d already had *and didn’t get to photograph* vegan doughnuts from Kind Crusts, so I was already winning!

All of these doughnuts are freshly made in the production kitchen just a few doors up the road. They had a lovely light dough, and despite the shear size of them they didn’t sit too heavy on the stomach which was fab. One was more than enough though… but two is always good on a treat day.. Steven had the crème brulee doughnut, and the jam filled doughnut. The jam is freshly made by Tantrum too which just shows you the quality of the ingredients used. The doughnuts were delicious, so we would definitely recommend giving it a try if you’re in that neck of the woods!

We did eat in numerous other places over the weekend *obviously* but I didn’t have the brain power to photograph them all!

Where are your favourite places to eat in Glasgow?




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