Cruelty free Make Up Brushes Indy Luxe ft. 20% off code!

Indy Luxe brushesIndy Luxe brushes

Indy Luxe is a vegan and completely cruelty free beauty brand which launched just over a month ago.

Now, I resent buying make up brushes, but I resent cleaning my brushes even more. I knew it was time I got some new brushes, but I have always struggled to find affordable, cruelty free brushes that actually take to product.

These beautiful brushes are one of the only cruelty free brushes that are affordable, but still such a high quality product, and with my discount code… you can get eight brushes for under £25. The pearlescent brush handles are adorable, and the rose gold detailing and pink ombre brush heads makes these brushes the perfect thing to photograph. The brush heads are so soft, and the actual size of these brushes mean that they are easy to transport about when you’re travelling, or if you just need to pop your powder brush in your handbag.

There is only two sets of my unicorn brushes in stock, and once they are gone they are gone! Luckily enough the rose gold brush set are GORGEOUS too, so you’re not losing out.

In this beautiful unicorn set, you get five eye brushes and three face brushes. I love this, because I rarely use brushes to apply my base, the powder and angled brush were just what I needed. The eye brushes equip you perfectly. The different sized blending brushes make life so much easier, I found my previous blending brushes were always too big for my little eye lids! I actually use the flat eye brush for my eyebrows, unconventional I know, but it works for me and i’ve always used a flat eye brush for my crazy brows.

I’d LOVE if Indy Luxe bought out a brush holder/make up bag as beautiful as their brushes to store them in to make those weekends away a little easier… who else can’t wait to see what else Indy Luxe have in store?

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