My new favourite occasion dress.. ft. some big news!


In the month of July we have both the wedding of Steve’s cousin, and the Christening of my wee nephew Joseph. I have been looking for outfits for these events for the best part of a year. It is not ideal to be honest. I can never find an outfit and I chop and change my mind over and over again. I’ve bought and returned hundreds of dresses… UNTIL I FOUND THIS ONE.
It’s so nice I bought it twice… and almost three times because the red is beautiful too!



The Midira Crochet Lace Midi Dress from Pretty Little Thing is my dream dress, teamed with these cute nude block heels from Primark, it’s the most affordable occasion wear outfit I’ve ever purchased, and I’ve never felt more comfortable.



It hugs my curves in the right places, it’s stretchy material means that it has a little bit of give, which allows it to fit me nice and snug. The waist band is so cute, the lace detail adds a little bit of subtle skin flashing which I love, it makes me feel super feminine and cute. I love the detail of the skirt part of the dress, the lace fish tail is beautiful, and I love how it lengthens the dress, but still feels a little sassy like it is showing off my tattoos.


 I have really struggled in the past finding short sleeved dresses where the sleeves actually give you a little bit of breathing room. This dress does this (for me) it’s not too tight on the arms, and I feel like I have a full range of movement rather than feeling stuck with my arms by my side. My pet hate when shopping for occasions is the fact that a dress can fit you perfectly all over, but cut into your arms and it throws the whole thing off.Initially, I bought the size up, I’ve not had time for the gym recently, so had the fear that I’d gone up a size, but when they arrived the 10 was huge. It probably doesn’t help that I have the teeniest chest, so it hung off me. At first, I almost thought I didn’t really like the dress, but realised that was probably because I hadn’t picked up the correct size. I re-ordered the dresses in the 8’s and I’m so glad I did. On first try on, I thought the pink really flushed the colour out of me, because I am so pale, but second time round when it actually fit, I loved it. I think this dress in particular is particularly giving in sizes, but I have heard from others that have bought from PLT that sizes are snug on the chest in certain dresses but naturally, I don’t have that problem!

Dress 3


It’s not really a big as we made out, but we invested in a beautiful Canon 750D, so that we can start making YouTube videos! Steven spent forever researching the best camera, lens, microphone and all sorts just to make sure we got the best possible camera (in our price range) to get started making some content. We are so excited to get going and share other parts of our lives with you!



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