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Castle As you can probably see, things look a bit different over on The Graham-Smiths. That’ll be because we’ve moved over to WordPress! After months and months of deliberation, we decided it would be a great idea to start fresh and thanks to Pipdig it was super easy moving over and creating this beautiful site.

So why did we finally make these changes? I guess that kind of takes us into what this entire post is actually about… the bloggers that I bloody well love, admire and have massive respect for. I realised that if we ever wanted to be in the big leagues like any of the bloggers mentioned in this post, well then I had better start acting like it and actively investing my time and energy in our blog.

So, without further ad0, meet my favourite bloggers…

Grace Victory

Bloggers - Grace Victory

Grace is my all time favourite blogger. Not only is she constantly producing incredible content, she’s talking about all the right things: women’s issues, POC, mental health, and she is just one of the most open people on the internet. I feel like she is an open book, and not only because she literally has just written a book about her life… she’s honest, opinionated and seriously holds her own. Reading Grace’s blog religiously has taught me so many life lessons, whether it be being able to relate to her personal experiences, or most recently her post about a lack of diversity in the blogging industry. She’s full of knowledge and experience, and she uses that to help others which really is commendable. Grace is one of the few people who use their platform for good, and she’s so aware of the influence her platform gives her, which again, is something  It’s also so bloody lovely to see someone from my little home town shining, and becoming a hell of a success. She really is like the internet’s big sister, offering advice on literally EVERYTHING.

Charleigh Rose

Bloggers - Charlotte Victory

Charlotte happens to actually be Grace’s real life little sister, which is just a coincidence, and has absolutely nothing to do with why she’s on this list! Charlotte and I went to the same school, she was a year below me, and my god this girl never fails to astound me. It’s her blog that actually made me realise that if I put a little more effort into my corner of the internet, I might actually do okay. Other than that, she’s always been so openly confident of who she is, and I remember even when we were at school envying her sense of self. This girl means business, and takes absolutely no crap from anyone. She’s also SO not afraid to call you out when you’re in the wrong, which is something I truly admire. Aside from being an inspiration to many, she’s beautiful, a VERY talented singer, and so wise beyond her years.

Rhianna Olivia

Bloggers - Rhianna Olivia

Rhianna is my blogging guru. I’m forever trolling her blog reading all of her blogging tips, and her content is unbelievable. I mean, have you seen her Instagram photos… SWEET JESUS.  Anyways, she is forever sharing her wisdom, and not just using her knowledge to benefit herself. Her instagram growth tips, how she approaches brands, and her tips for upping your blog photo game, are just a few examples of the knowledge Rhianna has shared with the internet and just to let you know gal, we SERIOUSLY appreciate it. So if you need blog related tips, she’s your gal. Anyway, aside for sharing all of her knowledge with us her style is unreal, she shares my music taste and she’s generally just a really decent human being. Which is nice to find in what can feel like such a cut throat world.

The Kitty Luxe

Bloggers - The kitty luxe

Holly aka The Kitty Luxe is another extremely talented blogger, who in my opinion, doesn’t get enough credit for how bloody great she is. So here’s some credit from me, yay. I am forever envying her style, like can I just rake through your wardrobe please Holly? She is so unique and I genuinely wish I could pull of half of the things she does, for example her most recent post featuring these bloody gorgeous boots that I’d never have the balls to wear, but secretly really really want to wear! Her beauty blog posts have given me so many GREAT tips, and I love the fact she doesn’t shy away when it comes to talking mental health. It’s one of the reason’s I’ve decided to be so open about mine too.

 Who inspires you on the internet?

I’d love to know who your favourite bloggers are so I can investigate some more extremely talented people!

love, ysabelle




  1. 08/06/2017 / 17:33

    Thank you for sharing this round-up of bloggers…I’m on my way now to go check ’em out! Some of my faves include Andy Torres from StyleScrapbook.com and Adriana from fake-leather.com

    Desirée | http://www.fashionlingual.com

  2. New Lune
    08/09/2017 / 17:42

    I’m gonna check them out now! It’s so sweet of you for doing this xx


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