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These products were gifted by The Natural Deodorant Company.

The Natural Deodorant company sent me through three samples so that I could give the whole Natural Deodorant thing a go, and I was so excited to see them when they arrived. I’ve been wanting to hop onto the natural deodorant train for such a long time, ever since I found out that your body absorbs over SIXTY PER CENT of what you put onto it. Also, how cute are these tiny little pots they come in!

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I’ve been using artificial scents full of chemical nasties for my entire life and never thought about it the fact that a deodorant is something that is completely absorbed into your skin like a moisturiser.

All of the deodorants in this post are vegan and cruelty free, just another wee reason I love them so much. One of the toughest things I have found since going vegan is beauty, and general day-to-day items like deodorants, toothpastes and shampoos.

I was lucky enough to be sent three different scents; Tangerine, Lemon and Geranium and Grapefruit and Mint. All three are beautifully scented, and as the name would suggest, naturally scented meaning that you’re only putting good things onto your body. It makes such a change to have a deodorant that doesn’t have an overpoweringly artificial scent, and still makes you feel fresh and body odour free. At the moment, my go to favourite is the Lemon and Geranium Clean Deodorant Balm as it is just so fresh.

deodorant trio

The Clean Deodorant Balms are perfectly designed to give you all day protection, all day freshness and are made with Coconut Oil and Fair Trade Shea Butter, so you know you’re not putting anything bad in your body. Having tested the Clean Balms for well over a week now, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they do in fact keep you fresh and odour free all day long. Even after a workout! I love that the ingredients also nourish and moisturise your underarms, as there is nothing worse than having dry, irritated skin under your arms, a problem that most women suffer from thanks to the good old tradition of shaving!

 If you do suffer from sensitive skin, you can opt for the Gentle Deodorant Balms. I tried the Tangerine balm post-shave, and found that I was left with absolutely no irritation whatsoever. It all natural ingredients do what they are designed to do. Leave your skin feeling nourished, and soothed. The creamy texture of the Gentle Balms feel like you’re just applying a high quality moisturiser rather than a deodorant. You don’t get the usual wet and sticky underarms that you need to allow to dry before getting ready for your day from these deodorants. They absorb into your skin quickly and easily.

deodorant natural

You apply these as you would a moisturiser I guess. Grab a pea sized amount of the creamy balm between your fingers to warm it up and rub it into the under arm skin. It should absorb completely, and then you’re good to go.

I have the teeny (and adorable) 15ml pots, and I have been using them religiously… I don’t think they’ll ever run out. The fact you only need such a small amount makes them so long lasting.

love, ysabelle





  1. 08/19/2017 / 19:16

    Always wanted to try a natural deodorant! They sounds so good! X

  2. 08/19/2017 / 20:27

    I’m actually sold on this ! I really want to try them out !

    • 08/20/2017 / 01:39

      You definitely should, they are amazing! 100% never going back to spray! Xx

  3. 08/21/2017 / 10:30

    I am 100% sold on natural deodorants, and now I don’t ever want to go back! it’s also kinda satisfying to apply haha. natural deo’s are the future! xxx

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