5 shows to binge watch on Netflix

5 shows i've been binge watching on Netflix!

This is my favourite season because I love to cosy up on the sofa with lots of snacks and a cup of tea. These evenings are the ones I pine for after a long and stressful day at work. So naturally, because of all of the above I’ve been watching a hell of a lot of shows on Netflix.

So here are my favourites from my Netflix binge watching sessions this month:


I love anything and everything to do with serial killers. Absolutely everything. That probably sounds really weird, but I just find them fascinating. I watch so many documentaries about criminal psychology on Netflix all the bloody time so Mindhunter effectively called out to me. It’s loosely based on the memoirs of the guy who coined the term ‘serial killer’, with a lot of extra added bits to bulk the story line out. There are so many amazing actors in the show. My favourite actor in the show is the guy who plays Edmund Kemper. Watch a video of them side by side on youtube, you’ll be so weirded out. He is exactly like him!

Stranger things

I’m completely behind on this trend, I know. Being as season 2 has just come onto Netflix I thought I better hop onto it. I’ve always been a huge fan of the 80’s, so I loved that this show is an homage to the era. If you like sci-fi, then this is a must for you. I’m not usually a sci-fi fan myself, but I was drawn to it because the kids reminded me of the a mixture of the ones in the Goonies and Stand By Me (two fab films btw). The 80’s films were full of kids going on adventures. It’s all of that with good old 80’s sci-fi added in. I still can’t get over how talented the kids are.


Another Netflix original. I’m impatiently waiting for the next season of this show. Kier Gilchrist has been one of my favourite actors since the first time I watched ‘It’s Kind of A Funny Story’. Atypical is about a teenage boy with Autism and how he navigates through life. More than anything, I love the fact that Netflix have decided to make a TV show focussing on Autism. It’s so important that there is a TV show highlighting what life is like for those with Autism on a daily basis!

American Horror Story

This has been going on forever. I know. But I still manage to come across people that haven’t seen it, and I can’t figure out why! Pretty much everyone I know that has watched it hates ‘Freak Show’, but the rest of the seasons are SO. DAMN. GOOD. If you didn’t already know, all the seasons are independent with a few minor character overlaps/links. We’ve just finished watching ‘Roanoke’ (in two days), and we’re waiting for ‘Cult’ to come onto Netlfix so we can binge watch that too!s

Rick and Morty

Okay, so this doesn’t really fit with the rest of my choices but hear me out? It’s bloody hilarious. At first I thought I would hate it, but it’s so easy to lose yourself in the creativity of it. All of the alternate universes are so imaginative. It’s just one of those shows that is effectively ‘nothingness’ i.e. you don’t really have to think while you’re watching it, you can just chill.

I think I’ve pretty much seen absolutely everything on Netflix now, but if you have any good recommendations please let me know! I’m always keen for a new show to binge watch.


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