[AD] Wreath Decorating in Chapelton with Kim Dalglish

This wreath decorating session was gifted to us by Chapelton.

Steven and I were invited out to the new and beautiful little town of Chapelton, right in between Portlethen and Stonehaven to get creative and decorate some gorgeous Christmas Wreath’s with Kim Dalglish! 

Ysabelle's wreath

Chapelton is idyllic, a little town that feels like it’s right in the heart of the countryside…but it’s only a twenty minute drive from the city. It looks over right over the coastline, and is lined with cute beachy houses, shops and a little cafe. When we arrived at the ZeroC showhome to start the wreath class, we couldn’t believe how lucky we were to be invited. The house was beautiful, and the kitchen was the perfect size for an intimate wreath decorating class. It made it that little less bit daunting for the socially awkward like me.

Kim demonstratingdemonstrationfinished piece

We started the class with a demonstration from Kim, who made absolutely everything look so easy. Usually decorating the pre-made wreaths takes only twenty minutes, but for us novices we had two whole hours, and I needed it… Steve on the other hand was bloody fab at it. Such an underdog!

I kept finding myself with cuts from stabbing myself with either the wire or the holly, clearly not a pro at the floral arrangements. Luckily we started with a pre-made wreath, or else I’d have been there all bloody day. We started off by adding pine, eucalyptus and some beautiful little berries. Then we added the cutest festive decorations including cones, orange slices, dried oranges and limes and cinnamon sticks. I, of course, had to be a little over the top and add a huge red bow to mine, which I made all by myself I might add. We even had the choice to add baubles and other glittery bits and bobs too!

At £30 a ticket, it really was worth it for a fun and festive afternoon. You get nibbles, and the add absolutely everything want to your wreath, which you then get to take home too!

steve's wreath

Steven’s wreath is currently taking pride of place on our breakfast bar, and the one I made is going to be hung pride of place on the in-law’s front door.

It really was such a lovely way to spend the first Saturday of December with my husband!

Keep an eye out for any events going on in the beautiful little town of Chapelton this christmas.


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