[AD] Soul Aberdeen’s New Menu (spoiler: YUM)

The food in this post was gifted to us by Soul Aberdeen.

We were invited along to try Soul’s new menu and I genuinely couldn’t have been more excited. It really has been a super long week so wine and a beautiful meal was what I needed more than life.

There are 3 vegan mains on their new menu.. THREE (and three vegan starters, eight vegan side options and a vegan dessert). It’s not the usual go to effortless vegan options of grilled veg and salads either. It’s full of hearty, inventive vegan options, and we have never been so thrilled. It’s so nice to see more bars and restaurants investing in vegan alternatives on their menus in Aberdeen – so pleasantly surprising.

So on to the food…

soul avocado on toast

I kicked it off with avocado on toast to start. Every blogger loves avocado and toast (let’s not beat around the bush). It comes served on fluffy sourdough toast and topped with a salad of rocket, fresh basil, sliced onion and raddish. I was super hungry, so I wolfed this down in seconds… it was actually a little embarrassing how quickly I ate it…oops. The value for money on this starter is particularly good. I’ve eaten my fair share of avocado on toast in Aberdeen and this was one the biggest portions, yummiest combo and the cheapest I’ve had at just £5 a pop!

soul croquettes

Steve went for the panko cheese croquettes to start. They come served on a tomato salsa which really complemented the dish. All of the cheese in the veggie options on the menu is vegan, so these are completely vegan friendly. As someone who loved anything cheese related (particularly mozzarella dippers) these did not disappoint. We’re both obsessed with the fact panko breadcrumbs are on trend at the moment because they are so bloody delicious.

soul black bean burger

For the main course, Steve went for the smoked mushroom and black bean burger which was served with cajun fries. If you saw my instagram stories… you saw the sheer size of the burger. Steve could barely get it in his mouth, it was pretty entertaining to be honest. I love the fact the portions are so big, I’m one of those people who gets super disappointed by a small portion so when I saw this (and realised there would be enough fries for me to eat some too) it ticked another box on my happy belle list. Despite tasting incredible, the toasted bread made it quite hard to squish the burger to a size to eat easily. The cajun fries were INCREDIBLE. I mean, poor Steve, I ate the majority of them… #sorrynotsorry. I’m a big chips/fries lover so ya girl was keen to get her hands on these bad boys which were perfectly seasoned and perfectly complimented the flavours in the burger!

macaroni soul

Can you be a vegan if you don’t eat a vegan classic mac n cheese when the opportunity presents itself? No is the correct answer. Every vegan you come across will tell you that all we want is a good macaroni cheese. I bloody loved this one. Again, the portion was enormous (thank you jesus) AND it came with garlic bread. Getting a vegan mac n cheese right is bloody difficult, but Soul managed to nail it. I loved the crispy onions on top, and the fact you could really taste the smokiness of the paprika throughout the dish. It’s served with lentil pasta as opposed to your usual macaroni which makes the dish stand out, although I can’t help but wonder if it would be even tastier with traditional pasta.

The menu is designed beautifully and minimalistically but it would be even better if it had more detailed descriptions as there are key parts of the dishes missing on the menu such as the type of salsa in the burgers and the fact the pasta was lentil instead of macaroni. I love the subtlety of the vegan options, because it doesn’t throw it in your face like ‘hey look at me’. I was also bloody thrilled that the majority of the veggie options which would traditionally have dairy in them have don’t, that’s a pretty big step for veganism!

The staff were lovely and so accommodating to our little table of bloggers, and I know we all had the bestest time.

Tasting the new menu at Soul Bar Aberdeen with a glass of wine was such a lovely way to finish our week.

Thank you so much to Soul for having us, and get in to try their new menu if you can!

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