[AD] The Coconut Kitchen Pad Thai Kit

This Pad Thai Kit was gifted to us by The Coconut Kitchen. 
Pad Thai kit

The Coconut Kitchen were kind enough to send us their Pad Thai kit to try and review. The Coconut Kitchen Pad Thai kit is one of the few on the market, available in local supermarkets that has a VEGAN Pad Thai sauce included. It also comes with enough noodles for two, and a sachet of toasted peanuts to top your dish with! The kit actually arrived on our doorstep in perfect timing as I was getting super bored of our usual weekday meals. Honestly, when I get in from work I am so exhausted that I really just cannot be bothered to cook something from scratch using my cupboard full of spices (that I just so happened to buy with really good intentions). In fact, I have become so stuck in a terrible routine of cooking plain, boring dinners every single night that a quick and easy kit that tastes amazing is exactly what I needed.

Pad Thai Kit with Sauces

Now, I’ve never been one for following the recipe on the back of the packet and once again as per usual I didn’t follow the recipe on the back (mainly because Steve doesn’t like tofu or beansprouts…classic and I’m allergic to bloody spring onions). I’m also the worst vegan and I don’t know how to prepare tofu properly. I wanted to be a bit more realistic too, because I know what I’m like… I’m not the type to run around the supermarket making sure I have absolutely every ingredient as stated on the list perfectly.

I’m a convenience cooker, which I’m sure most people who work Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. We don’t have time to make every dinner perfect, which is exactly why I loved this. I honestly just threw in whatever veg I had in my fridge and it worked, it was still SO yummy.

Pad Thai kit made

As you can see, my creation doesn’t look as beautiful as the one of the packet, but it’s a convenient  adaption okay?!

So, instead of the traditional ingredients you’d see in a Pad Thai I used my favourite veggies; peppers, red onions and mushrooms and sliced vegan Quorn fillets. It was bloody delicious. I fried off my veggies and Quorn in coconut oil, before putting the noodles onto boil. Once cooked, I drained the noodles, let them cool a wee bit and then stirred the Pad Thai sauce into my veggies. Then I stirred in the noodles, fried it for a few minutes and then dished it up (evenly-ish… I was very hungry).I topped the dish with the little sachet or peanuts and a wedge of lime, and DEMOLISHED IT. Honestly, I couldn’t have eaten anything faster… it was kind of lucky that I allowed enough time to actually get a photo of the dish. I topped it with a little bit of the Pak Chong Hot Chilli sauce, which if you like spice is an amazing addition to the dish, even though my mouth was on FIRE.

I didn’t try the sweet and sour sauce with my Pad Thai, but it I used it in a Thai style stir fry that I made and it added a tangy sauce to my usually relatively dry and boring dish. I make mine with Quorn, but I imagine it goes with other types of ‘protein’ too like chicken, tofu and beef.

Pad Thai dish and sauces made

Your shopping list (to make the actual vegan recipe)

  • 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 200g of tofu, diced
  • 1/2 onion, thinly sliced
  • 50g beansprouts
  • 2 spring onions, thinly sliced
  • 25g sugar snap peas, halved
  • 25g bell peppers, sliced
  • 1 lime, cut into wedges
  • Freshly chopped coriander
  • and of course, The Coconut Kitchen Pad Thai Kit!
Pad thai dish made

Honestly, if you stumble across this kit in your local supermarket I would definitely recommend picking it up to give it a wee try and for a quick, easy and delicious dinner.

*Disclaimer, this pad thai kit was gifted to us in exchange for a review.


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