I’ve lost my mojo (my blogging mojo)

lost my mojo - drinking coffeeAaaaarrggghhhh.

Sorry, that’s a bloody awful start to a blog post, I know. I swear to god I feel like I’m bashing my head against a brick wall with blogging sometimes. This time last year, all I wanted was to have collaborations pouring out of my tush, and thousands of events to go to… and I’m not saying I do now because I don’t (cry cry cry) but things have picked up and it almost feels like because of the thing I always wanted, I’ve lost my blogging mojo. Does that make sense? It makes sense in my little head.

I feel in a completely different place with my writing to this time last year. Last year, I was writing for the sake of writing. I was writing from my little heart and soul and it felt great. It felt so much more natural than it does now. I was writing about things that I loved, about how I was feeling, about life developments, our day to day adventures and the occasional blogger collaboration or event that came up. It’s feels strange because at the time, I really did just want things to take off and I felt lost then too because it hadn’t taken off, and if the blog hadn’t taken off back then…then was it ever going to take off? You know? I just wrote the words ‘take off’ a hell of a lot.

At the moment, despite having some absolutely AMAZING opportunities coming my way and thoroughly enjoying every second of it, I am looking back on the old years and missing how genuine my writing felt then.

lost the mojo - dungarees and coffee times

Collaborations are one of the things we all work so hard on our blogs for, right? Then, my dears, I ask you this very key and important question, why am I struggling to write blog posts when I sit down to type them out? It’s like the words are in my brain just running around, having a party and teasing that they are going to come together, but for some reason they can’t get out onto the page and I have absolutely no idea why. It sometimes feels like I have to force my thoughts out onto the screen, just to reach that SEO recommended word requirement of 300 words and when it’s done and published, I hate it. I’m not happy with the content. It’s a right bloody pain.

Not to mention, the fact I used to spend my free time thinking of content that I wanted to write about when I worked a normal 9 to 5, whereas at the moment and more recently all I’ve been thinking about is how and when I’m next going to get a chance to write something. More importantly, when am I next going to be bothered to write something? When I get in from a week of travelling away from home for work, the last thing I want to do is actually use my brain and think, so all I do is slob on my sofa (maybe go to the gym after lots of caffeine) and binge watch something whilst not really paying attention and actually just scrolling through Twitter, Pinterest or bloody Instagram the whole time.

lost my mojo - third photo!

Honestly, I blame my new found love of podcasts for my inspiration loss a little bit too… I am kind of obsessed. Ever since Vix released her podcast… I’m subscribed to about 500 bloody podcasts now, and I sit and listen ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Some people listen to music to help them focus, but I listen to podcasts. At the moment it’s an easy way for me to get a dose of creativity, personality and an insight into someone else’s life that I used to get from reading other people’s blogs all the time. Maybe that’s a little bit of a contributing factor to why I’ve lost my blogging mojo too. I’d read these amazing posts by all of my favourite bloggers, and get inspired by the things they were writing. Now I barely have any time to write my own posts, let alone settle down and delve into a blog. Podcasts are so much more convenient for my little life at the moment, I can pop in my headphones and get right on into it (and no one knows I’m procrastinating whilst listening mwahaha).

I’m hoping to start my very own podcast soooooon, part of the reason being that I’m hoping the whole ‘not having to write it down’ thing helps with my brain fuzz and makes it a bit easier to get my words out. The other part of the reason is purely just because I’ve been LOVING listening to everyone else gab about everything. I’ve been trying to get my general creative juices flowing a bit more, and I’m hoping that this will help my lost blogging mojo come back.

FINGERS CROSSED. Sorry for the rambling mess that is the blog at the moment.



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