[AD] A Vegan Boozy Anniversary ft. The Boozy Cow

The meal featured in this blog post was gifted to us by The Boozy Cow.

Boozy Cow Vegan Burger

Boozy Halloumi Fries

We were invited to go and try the new Boozy Cow VEGAN burger for our anniversary last month, that’s right, a boozy anniversary. Haaaaa. When we lived in Aberdeen, I had always wanted to visit The Boozy Cow, but being a vegan obviously made that a little bit challenging. We were absolutely delighted to hear that since we’ve moved to Edinburgh, The Boozy Cow has decided to add a vegan burger to their menu (as well as halloumi fries that Steve had… they looked AMAZING).

I mean, surprisingly by the name of the restaurant, they actually have a few really good vegetarian options, and now obviously due to the fact a hell of a lot of people don’t actually like to eat animal products, they have added a brand new vegan burger to their menu (complete with VEGAN CHEESE). Yes, that mouth watering picture is actually vegan cheese, not real cheese. The vegan burger, which The Boozy Cow, aptly named ‘Not mush-room for meat’ basically consists of a giant portobello mushroom, pinto beans, and vegan pepper jack cheese in a delicious little bun. I got mine with some skinnies (skinny fries with Boozy Cow seasoning) and Steve got some Halloumi fries as his side.

I’m usually not a huge fan of a mushroom based veggie burger, but I have honestly eaten far too many bean burgers recently that I welcomed having something a bit different. The pinto beans were also really bloody good, despite falling out of the bun and all down my bloody top (because I eat like a baby). The fact that The Boozy Cow had also gone out of their way to get a delicious vegan alternative to cheese was really nice, because there is nothing worse than a really plain and dry bean burger. Kudos to you Boozy Cow.

I can’t deny, I also thoroughly enjoyed the fact they don’t give you cutlery to eat with, and basically just give you a knife to cut your burger. I mean, I got food absolutely everywhere and my hands were super dirty but it was worth it. Just make sure you wash your hands before you’re due to eat, because you know… germs and stuff (ewwwww).

Boozy cow menu

Boozy Cocktails

When we were in, we noticed that Boozy Cow is also a bit of a drinks hotspot in Edinburgh too. There were so many people in just for drinks, and as we chowed down on our Boozy grub, an acoustic musician started playing too. We got a few cocktails to help our dinner go down, Steve got the Boozy Back Cow, and I cannot for the life of me remember what the name of my drink was… (sorrrrrry). All I know is that it was super sweet, and went down like a treat with my dinner. I did opt for a pint for my second drink though… I’m a beer gal… what can I say?!

We actually nipped back in to the Boozy Cow a few weeks ago, just after our visit on one our date night pub crawls, it had such a lovely chilled vibe when we first visited that we decided we’d go back in off our own back! Because it’s so chilled,¬†you can go in for food and drink if you’re feeling nibbly or just a few drinks to round off your date night. The vegan option on their menu also makes our double date nights a hell of a lot easier, as we can go somewhere that everyone can get a dish that they are looking for and that they actually want to eat. There’s nothing worse than dragging your non-vegan pals to your favourite fully vegan places and watching them pretend to hate everything they are eating (lol), and there’s nothing worse than being a vegan in a place where salad and chips are the only vegan options available. Boozy Cow have now, thankfully, allowed me the joy of avoiding that, which I’m pretty thankful for if I’m being honest.

The Boozy Cow is also in such a prime location for Edinburgh, on Frederick Street, just off of George Street or Princes Street if you’re coming from the other way! Making it a perfect little hotspot for travel, and access to other bars (if you’re a bar hopper like we are!).

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#AD Our food was kindly gifted to us in exchange for a few Instagram stories and a blog post review. All of the views here are our own, and this blog post wasn’t sent for approval before posting.

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