6 reasons it’s okay to unfollow people on social media

I often see people talking about their followers unfollowing them or realising that someone they don’t know very well (or at all) has blocked them and understandably questioning it or being a little confused by it. I used to get offended when people unfollowed me on social media, particularly if we’d been following and engaging with each other or supporting each other online for a while but as I’ve started to pay more attention to my Instagram and Twitter I’ve realised unfollowing someone is NO BIG DEAL. Yeah I said it. We all live life too focused on who does or doesn’t follow us online, worrying about the numbers and getting far to upset if we realise someone has unfollowed us.

With Instagram implementing the whole ‘mute this person’ function we THANKFULLY have on Facebook (no longer having to look at cringe posts from our Grans), we’re onto a winner because we can just mute people if we’re worried about any potential consequences of unfollowing/unfriending someone. But why do we have to justify unfollowing/unfriending someone? WHY? Here’s all the reasons I unfollow people if you need some to help you realise it’s completely okay to unfollow or delete someone on social media.

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They’ve posted or liked something you don’t agree with

This happens a lot for me to be honest. I’m a sensitive sally. I’m easily triggered by certain things. If I see someone liking posts on twitter that I don’t agree with, or upset me or I find offensive then I’ll unfollow them, block them or mute them. There’s nothing wrong with that by the way. If you see something that upsets you, you have every right to remove it from your feed. I don’t want to see videos of animal cruelty every time I log into my twitter, and I don’t want to read offensive tweets about marginalised groups of people either. There is nothing worse than seeing someone you follow post or like something offensive. It just makes me mad, and quite frankly I don’t need to waste my energy on worrying about unfollowing someone that isn’t worrying about offending others.

You don’t like their content anymore

This is pretty plain and simple. You’re not interested in their content anymore. Maybe they’ve changed, or maybe you’ve changed. Shock of the century…people change, their content evolves and if it’s changed into something you don’t particularly like or you’re not really interested in anymore then you have every right to unfollow them. It might not even have anything to do with their content, maybe your interests have just changed. A huge one for me was when I went vegan, I didn’t particularly want to see loads of food posts featuring things I didn’t eat anymore (and sometimes maybe miss eating… yeah I said it *CHEESE I MISS YOU*). Things change, people change. It’s okay to not be interested in the same things as you once were.

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You’re not actually friends with the person in real life

We’re all very scared to delete people from Facebook for some reason, right? We all feel obliged to accept friend requests from acquaintances or a person you’ve maybe came across one time at work, but why? I’ve stopped accepting friend requests on Facebook from people who aren’t my friends. I know I share the majority of my life on the internet, but Facebook is a little more intimate for me. I’ve got family, friends and real life events on there, it’s a little more private for some reason. So why do I have to have my nan’s, cousin’s, daughter’s ex-husband on Facebook? I don’t. I still have friends on Facebook that I knew through someone else at school. I probably haven’t ever spoken to the person, and I probably never will. So why do I insist on having them as ‘friends’ on Facebook? Time to have a little clear out, I think.

The person is always involved in ‘drama’ online

There once was a time where my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds were alight with ‘drama’. I’m not talking about when you’re at high school and your drama is fairly straight forward bitching about people and having a row with said person in the comments on your Facebook status about them. No, no, I’m talking about people that are STILL at the grand old age of 25 sub-tweeting people, calling people out and getting involved in fully fledged drama. Who actually cares? For me, this includes pointless debates with random people on the internet too.  I’m here for calling people out on real issues, but I cannot be bothered with pointless debates with obvious trolls. Let’s face it, we’re not going to convince a random troll that they are wrong about their views, so why waste our precious time and energy on it? Trolls literally exist to troll you, and if you’re getting involved in their rubbish online, then they’re winning.

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People that bot comment/message you

This is amazing! Cool shot *thumbs up emoji*. Love heart eyes emoji. Love your outfit *on a photo of a landscape*. Hey, thanks for following me, you should check my youtube and subscribe! We all get these automated bot comments right? I don’t know about you, but when I see someone using bots in order to engage with people and grow their own engagement I get super annoyed. It’s really hard to keep up with commenting on people’s posts and making sure you’re supporting all your friends and the bloggers out there by engaging with their content, so when I see a bot king/queen commenting away…. it’s a block from me.

They follow and unfollow you

I’ve blocked roughly 8 people that play the follow/unfollow game to the extreme. I’m talking about seeing the same person crop up in your follows 3 times in a week, and then twice in one day (like a certain someone I blocked today). It’s just annoying right? Honestly infuriating! A huge *Donald Trump Voice* fashion blogger recently followed me and I was SO thrilled, a little star struck almost, then the next day, they unfollowed me…. I realise now that that’s how they’ve got their 50K followers… by following and unfollowing. I mean, each to their own, but I can’t stand seeing the same people popping up and following and unfollowing me within the same day.

Cut the cord, do it. You’ll feel better once you declutter your friends and following list of all the things you don’t actually like or enjoy!

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