[AD] A night on the shores of Loch Earn

This blog post features a gifted over night stay at The Four Seasons Hotel. 

The hotel is set right on the shore of Loch Earn, in the most beautiful location. Just a short drive from Comrie, and only an hour and a half from Edinburgh, you drive along the most beautiful country roads where you can see absolutely nothing but the beautiful Scottish hills and winding rivers for miles and miles.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as we pulled up to the hotel, and I saw a huge group of ducks and geese crowding the edge of the Loch being fed by a couple. Unfortunately it was really windy on Saturday, but on Sunday we got a chance to drive all the way around Loch Earn, and meet the cutest little pony (Murphy), and see the bestest views. There was snow on the mountains, dew on the grass and a crystal clear sky and of course not a person in sight. That’s my kind of Sunday morning.

One of the nicest things is that you’re forced to settle down and actually interact with your other half because the phone signal is limited, and the wifi in the hotel isn’t great up in your rooms. Luckily, there is a cute little library that you can dander about, pick out some books or dvd’s and the bar is full of board games. It provides the perfect opportunity to disconnect from your phone and the internet and connect to the people and the scenery around you.

The hotel is in the beautiful original building so it’s a little drafty, but with a front Loch Earn facing room it kind of makes up for it. I would definitely recommend taking warm pyjamas for bedtime and a hot water bottle as you’ll need them to keep cosy while you snuggle up in bed to watch a DVD.

Before dinner, we went down to the bar for a drink or two and a game of upwords. Steve beat me, obviously. He is so bloody good at word games! The bar has a huge selection of gin’s, including my favourite (Pickering’s) and some lovely local beers. Steve had a few pints of Ossian, one of his new favourite pints. The drinks were a similar price to those in Edinburgh.

Loch Earn - view over the loch from the front lounge

Loch Earn - Library and Hallway

Loch Earn - Upwords

After a game of upwords and few drinks at the bar sitting next to a beautiful open fire, we went through to the restaurant for dinner. The vegan options were not very clearly marked on the dinner menu, but when we asked our waiter he was happy to go through to the kitchen and double check if everything was vegan. Luckily, the veggie burger was vegan, and looked so good. We both went for the burger, and got a side of onion rings and garlic bread to go with it as we weren’t feeling in the mood for starters!

Loch Earn - Dinner

Loch Earn - Dinner nom

The iconic chip shot, take two. The veggie burger was served with homemade chunky cut chips, and a side of coleslaw. Unfortunately, the coleslaw wasn’t vegan, but it looked fresh, homemade and delicious like the rest of the food! The burger was made of lentils, chickpeas and was perfectly spiced. The food definitely felt homemade, like something you’d get on a Sunday when you visited home and I absolutely loved that.

For dessert, we got a lovely lemon sorbet, which perfectly cleansed the palette but I couldn’t eat too much because it was quite chilly in the restaurant! We ended up moving tables into the dog friendly section so that we could be next to the radiator. I was in a polo neck jumper and a cardigan and still felt the chill.

Loch Earn - breakfast

Loch Earn - Breakfast Steve and Tea

Loch Earn - Breakfast View

Loch Earn - Fresh fruit and cooked breakfast

When we woke up, we couldn’t wait to get down for breakfast because it was a beautiful morning which meant that we could go adventuring around Loch Earn!

The breakfast room is cosy, with a log fire and right at the front of the hotel which means you can gaze over Loch Earn as you drink your morning tea or coffee and eat your breakfast. It was so serene. We were also the only ones down for breakfast at the time so it was very peaceful.

For breakfast, there is a huge array of food available. I love having a mix of continental and cooked breakfasts available, a wee mix and match hits the spot. Steve went for cereal to start with some fresh juice, and a cooked breakfast featuring tattie scones, veggie sausages, mushrooms, toast and tomatoes. We also had a bowl of fresh fruit, and a pot of tea and we were ready to go adventure around Perthshire.

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Thanks again to The Four Seasons Hotel and Crimson Edge PR for inviting us, we had an amazing time.


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