[AD] A colour revamp at Reilly Denholm

This experience was kindly gifted by Reilly Denholm.

Reilly Denholm, sitting the salon on my phone - beforehand.

I was in absolute dire need of getting my hair done when I received the best email from Reilly Denholm. They kindly invited me in for a cut, colour and style. I was still SO scarred from my last cut (not at Reilly Denholm obviously) that I decided to opt out of the cut and go for a colour and style only.

Hair salons have always been a scary place for me, ever since I was little and I got a horrific hair cut and ended up crying for the entirety of the next day at school. Big salons give me the actual fear, I don’t know why but for some reason they make me feel really intimidated and like someone is always watching me (I’m only a little bit irrational, honest), so when we pulled up outside of Reilly Denholm and I saw how cute, cosy and welcoming the salon looked I was chuffed. I knew I would feel at ease right away.

Reilly Denholm, having a wee chat with Josh about my hair

I wasn’t wrong either! I was initially greeted by Lia, who was absolutely lovely! So cheery and chatty, it just made me feel at ease, and then when I met Josh, who co-owns and runs Reilly Denholm I immediately understood why the salon was so relaxed. Josh was amazing. He sat with me for a good ten minutes chatting about my hair, what I was looking to do with it and how we were going to get there.

It was nice to actually talk through exactly what I was looking for, and for Josh to help me figure out what was realistic for my hair, even asking me about the products I used and how I style my hair. He even recommended lots of products for me to try to style my hair at home. The last few times I’ve had my hair done, I’ve always left feeling disappointed because I didn’t feel like I had communicated what I wanted properly. I didn’t have that problem at Reilly Denholm at all.

Reilly Denholm, inside the salon

The salon was opened in Leith, right by the shore, in 2014 and is the second of the Reilly Denholm group. They really have achieved their vision of creating an inclusive and welcoming environment that i’ll definitely be heading back to (especially as it’s so close to my flat!).

At Reilly Denholm, you can pop in for a cut, colour, style, fibreplex or olaplex or even to get some added length to your hair with easilocks extensions. They can do absolutely anything. I can promise you that you’ll be in good hands. Just a quick glance at their instagram will show you all you need to know!

Also, it’s dog friendly… yeah that’s right, I got to see so many cute little doggos that popped in to say hi to Josh before the evening was over. I can’t wait to get a pup so I can take them to the salon with me to say hi too!

Whilst my colour was developing, I was given a wee glass of prosecco to keep me occupied during my waiting time… I mean, how could I say no to a glass of fizz? Not only do they offer you a glass of fizz but they have a whole multitude of refreshments for you to settle down with, I mean I also had like three cups of tea too… classic.

Reilly Denholm, developing time with some prosecco!

I honestly couldn’t be happier with the results! LOOK AT THAT SHINE. My hair feels so healthy, despite the blonde, and I finally feel confident in it. Josh achieved the perfect root melt, and lightened my hair to the perfect tone. It’s so bright, and finally feels full of life instead of the drab, dull hair I got so used to.

My after photos are below, I am still so pleased with the change. I’m in actual love with it!

Reilly Denholm, the after loo!

Thank you so much to Josh and the team at Reilly Denholm for having me, and for making me feel like an absolute princess!


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