With the new ASA/CMA guidelines, I wanted to make sure I’m being as transparent as possible when it comes to disclosing when I’ve been paid, gifted items or experiences or when I’m using an affiliate link. I know it can look a bit confusing when you read a statement at the top of a blog post or in a caption and you’ve no idea what it means. Here’s the terms i’ll be using on my blog posts and on my social media accounts and what they mean:

I’m currently working through my archive of blog posts to ensure they are all up to date with the appropriate declaration in them too.

Blog posts

For blog posts, I will put [AD] at the start of the title, and the first line of the blog post will explain what type of AD this is using the below terms. I will also put a link to this page so that if you have any questions or you’re not sure what it means, you can come here for a full explanation.

Social Media

At the start of the caption, you’ll see one of the below headings. This is so that I have been crystal clear with you about what is and isn’t sponsored or paid for by a brand.

[AD – Gifted]

This is probably the most common thing you’ll see from me. I will use this in captions on my social media posts, and at the top of blog posts when the items I’m writing about have been gifted to me. This means I haven’t been paid to write about them, but they have been gifted to me. When I write this, the brand has had zero control in the creation of the content, or what I’m writing about it, but they have likely asked for me to post about it in general.

This will be used for gifted trips, experiences and other bits and bobs.

[AD – Sponsored]

This is very rare for me *cry cry cry* but if you ever see that content I’m posting is sponsored, then it means the brand has paid for me to post about it. I will also write ‘this is a paid collaboration with *insert brand* to make it clear that this was paid for.

Unlike gifted posts, brands do have a little more control over the content and might as for it be sent to them before hand for approval. I’ll never work with a brand that I wouldn’t buy myself, or that I don’t particularly like so you’ll always be getting my genuine thoughts.

This will include paid for trips/experiences, content and so on.

[AD – Affiliate]

This means I have used an affiliate link. At the moment, I don’t use any affiliate links at all, and I ALWAYS make sure to state it if I do eventually start using them.

An affiliate link is a link to an item or product which  if you use, will give me a small commission (usually in pennies…). Affiliate links do not cost you anything, they just give content creators, bloggers and small businesses a teeny but of cash back when they recommend a product to a new customer.

[AD – Giveaway] 

I will put this in a social media caption or blog post where a brand has asked me to host a giveaway of products.


All links that are featured in my blog posts will be no-follow as per the Google and ASA guidelines.

Previous work with a brand

This is the most confusing one and has been a wee bit hard me to get my own head around. The ASA/CMA are asking us to make it very clear that if we’ve worked with a brand in the past, whether we’re doing it’s on current or not. So, if I have worked with a brand in the last year, and I’m posting about their products, I will now state that I have worked with that brand within the last year in the caption, or at the title of the blog post.

It might say something like: ‘Please note I have worked with this brand in the past year, but this post is not a collaboration’ or ‘I’m wearing my @adexelondon watch which was previously gifted to me’.

If you have any more questions on how I declare, please do get in touch with me via email!